Is your Iphone tracking you?

29 Apr
Is your Iphone tracking you?

On the 20th April, a blog co-written by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden revealed that all location information on the Iphone were stored, so that a perfect record of all Iphone users’ moves were kept.

Apple has immediately answered these revelations, saying that they didn’t intend to use any of these informations, but were only helping the Iphone to recognize the position of Iphone and the location of internet  users more quickly. Apple is not in any case collecting the data, all the more as this action is illegal in the Californian State Law, as Alex Levinson, an American engineer, says.

However, although Apple may not collect these data, this information still entails some issues. First of all, the apparent issue to decipher the data contained in the Iphone. Allan and Warden seem to have done it quite easily:

Another answer of Apple is that a “bug” seems to have occurred for this tracking system. They admit they shouldn’t have tracked Iphone users’ location for so long. But keeping these piece of information for so long without informing their clients nor requesting their agreement isn’t as much illegal as collecting these data?

Reading further the blog of Alex Levinson, we discover this “discovery” is neither new nor, it seems, so shocking. Indeed, it has been done for many years by other firms, for instance for Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Nonetheless, Apple claims it will remove the bug soon throughout an update.

So you only have a few days before these data aren’t collected anymore, and you can verify the whereabout of your husband or wife 😉

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