The CNN and the Internet

28 Apr
The CNN and the Internet

Yesterday 27th April was launched the “CNN”. No, we’re not talking about a French substitute for our lack of independant and critic information media.

The CNN, acronym for “Conseil National du Numérique”, is supposed to advise the French President and its government about sensitive issues concerning the Internet, such as intellectual propriety, and other legal issues.It is supposed to be an “interlocutor”, and not deliver laws or charts, as Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet says in the report he gave to Mr Besson, the French minister for the Industry, the Energy and the web economy. The CNN is supposed to instaure a discussion between the government and the main actors of the web, so as to avoid blunders such as what happened for the creation of HADOPI.

However, several questions surround the creation of the CNN. The principal recommendations of Mr Kosciusko-Morizet seems to have been completely forgotten. First of all, the report advocates an election of its members, to ensure a real representativeness. Secondly, the CNN must be composed of all the actors of the Internet chain.

However, none of these recommendations have been followed: The members of the CNN are neither representative of the diversity of the Internet, nor are they elected, as the French information website Arretsurimages. On the contrary, all of them have been designed by the president, and most of them come from the biggest French web-companies. For instance, most French operators are represented: Emmanuel Forest (Bouygues Telecom), Franck Esser (SFR), Xavier Niel (Free) Pierre louette (Orange). One might ask questions concerning the diversity of the CNN. Some have already nicknamed the CNN “le MEDEF du numérique”.

How, given the circumstances, can we not imagine that, instead of an impartialand balance counsel, the CNN won’t transform itself in a kind of lobby, only supporting the major companies’ interests?

sources: (paying access)
Rapport relatif à la creation du conseil national du numérique,
de Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, fevrier 2011
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